Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fairy Toadstool Cupcakes

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Cupcake Selection

Cupcake Selection
Just a quick box of cupcakes for my friend's birthday. The toadstools are because she made a cute comment about the fairy cake!

Character Cake

The main model on this cake was made by a friend of mine, Lisa Martin - an incredibly talented artist, her specialty being sculpting.

Fairy and Toadstools

Fair & Toadstools Cake
Similar to the Tinkerbell cake I made a while ago, but this time with a little hand-made sugar fairy.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake Cake

My first born baby is 12 today.

I made cupcakes for him to take onto the school bus this morning (as much as I love caramel flavour cupcakes with caramel IMBC, eating one for breakfast is beyond my comprehension... but, then, I'm not 12 any more!!)

Anyway, even though we're not really doing much for his birthday, I still felt he had to have a birthday cake. Perfect opportunity for me to try out my new silicone giant cupcake 'tin'.

He was SO thrilled when he saw it, but he decided he's saving it for when his two friends come round on Saturday.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful boy. I love you!!!! x x x


Friday, February 04, 2011

21st Birthday Edible Image Cake

Edible Image Birthday Cake
Finished with claret and blue, for the birthday boy's favourite football team!
I'm sure he'll be delighted for all his friends to see this photo! Cute!!

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Football Shirt Cake

Spurs Football Shirt Cake

Barnardos Retirement Cake

Edible Image Photo Cake
for a lady who was retiring from Barnardo's Head office. Photo is of the church in Barnardo's Village, Barkingside.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ridiculously Excited - Babyworld!

There are two or three websites that I visit regularly. Daily. Several times a day. Two of them are cake-related. The other one is called Babyworld. It's a fabulous website, full of help, advice and tips (as well as on-line ears to bend and shoulders to cry on) for parents and parents-to-be. I've made some wonderful friends through Babyworld. And I also happen to be a moderator for two of their forums - Beyond Babyhood and Recipes.

But that's not all. Because this month, Pat-a-Cake Parties (that's me!) is offering a prize.

Here, take a look!

I'm not sure how long the link will work for, after Feb 2011.

I'm ridiculously excited! :o)

If you're entering - GOOD LUCK!!

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