Monday, July 20, 2015

Rainbow Sponge

This rainbow sponge was actually made for my boys (the perks of having a cake-maker for a mum!) just from the off-cuts from this weekend's wedding cake (when I took a thin layer from the top of each sponge to level it) which I sandwiched together with some buttercream.
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Wedding Cake 'Chris'

I probably had far too much fun decorating Chris & Carl's colourful wedding cake!  Rainbow sponge covered with black sugarpaste and a riot of colour in royal icing - it was topped with hand-made sugar rainbow unicorns.  The venue was The Princess of Wales in Primrose Hill.
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Rocky Horror Game of Thrones

To celebrate Naomi's 18th birthday, her mum wanted a cake that incorporated two of her favourite things - The Rocky Horror Show and Game of Thrones.  So when she found this picture online, she knew it was perfect to use as an edible image.  The sides of the cake were wrapped with edible black Cake Lace.
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Bookworm Game Cake

 A cake for a 70 years young lady whose favourite game is Bookworm - played on an iPad!  It may "only" be an edible image, but it took over two and a half hours editing on two different software packages to make sure the birthday message was spelled out and looked spot on!  We used a little 'artistic licence' because on the actual game you can only spell out one word at a time....  but we chose three! ;o)  The sides of the cake were individually cut book ends.
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Wimbledon Tennis Cupcakes


Pictured here is just part of the corproate order for 200 themed cupcakes for a tennis-themed event at a visual effects company in London.
The cupcake toppers were a mixture of hand-modelled fondant strawberries, 2D tennis balls and Wimbledon images.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

6 tier - Wedding Cake 'Amrit'

 On 28th June I delivered the largest wedding cake I've ever made to the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.  It was a 6 tier cake (although the bottom tier was a dummy tier - I simply don't have facilities to bake a 16" cake!)
The cakes were lemon sponge with lemon curd buttercream and coconut & lime with lime curd buttercream.  Once covered with sugarpaste, they were then highly pearlised before being decorated with royal icing stencil work.  The cake almost appeared to be floating, as it was displayed on a clear acrylic table and finally it finished with flowers - both from the very talented Floco Flower Co.
I don't usually post photos of myself, but I thought it would give some scale to the picture; I'm 5'4 tall, so not exactly a shortie!!
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