Monday, April 23, 2018

Nightmare Before Christmas

Congratulations to Ernest & Georgia who were married this weekend.  They didn't want a fully themed cake, but they did want a nod to their favourite film - The Nightmare Before Christmas.  So we kept to a black, white and silver palette and just introduced the famous hill and they had toppers that they'd purchased online (these aren't their toppers - I added these to give the cake 'context').
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Drip Cake

With the randomness of the drips and placement of chocolates, I love how no two drip cakes are ever the same!  Mikisha's mum ordered her this champagne & strawberry drip which was covered with white chocolte ganache with a milk chocolate drip.  She had already purchased the topper herself.
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Sunday, April 08, 2018

One party, two cakes...

The customer ordered a two tier rich fruit cake for her girlfriend - Rachel's - 50th birthday, topped with an edible gold tiara and decorated with an embossed diamond pattern around the side of the cakes and gold dragees and gold pearl details.
 Also ordered was a double height rich fruit cake for Rachel's mum, who was celebrating her 70th birthday.  Black and white bands, gold framed plaque and sugar peony really do make this a striking cake.
Both cakes inspired by photos the cutomer found on the internet - sorry I don't know who to credit for the original designs.
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Buttercream Cake

Louise asked for a simple buttercream covered cake for her son's 21st birthday.  I added just a few sugarpaste decorations.  I hope they all enjoyed his special day.
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