Friday, March 23, 2018

Cheese Board Cake

Back in January, it was my husband's 50th birthday.  We celebrated with a lovely meal with friends.  Mr Pat-a-Cake said he didn't want a cake - didn't want me to go to any more trouble, seeing as I was already making dinner for 10 people.  But how could I not?  Now, when we go out, he will always choose a cheese board over a dessert.  He LOVES cheese!  So it was an obvious choice for me.  I decorated the cake board to look like a wooden board and then I baked 3 small cakes and decorated them to look like cheese - the Camembert was champagne & strawberry; the Edam was chocolate-orange; and the Swiss cheese was lemon.  I finished it off with some sugar grapes!  What was fun was how we passed the cake around after dinner and people were actually taking a little bit of each - like one would with cheese! 
Happy birthday to my darling husband.  

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