Monday, August 31, 2015

Wedding Cake 'Maryam' - in pink

Well....  first of all you've never done a particular design before and then two come along at once! LOL!!
Wedding Cake 'Maryam' - which I only did for the first time a few weeks ago - but this time with pink roses and ribbon, not peach.  I couldn't decide which photo I liked the best - so I've uploaded all of them.  First of all, there's the black background that most of the cakes on my site have.  Then there's the shot of the cake at the venue, and I really do think the blue complements the cake very well.  There's something about the long shot of the cake that I love - but the incredibly high ceilings and fantastically tall windows make the cake look tiny and almost a bit lost.  In fact, one comment is that it looks like a little cake on the floor in front of a door!   And finally, the last shot is with a 'filter'.  It' just slightly enriches the blueness of the wallpaper.
Which is your favourite?
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