Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you cupcakes

Last week was my elder son's last day at school - only returning to sit his A Level exams.  I made these thank you cupcakes for him to take in - 3 subjects; 2 teachers per subject; plus one for his head of year and one for the head teacher.  Rosettes for the Government & Politics teachers; calculators for the Maths teachers; USB sticks for the Computer Science teachers; and a mortar board for the head teacher.  Lemon cupcakes with lemon curd buttercream and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate caramel flavour buttercream.

I also made these cupcakes for a very special member of staff.  Louise has been with my son throughout his entire education. At primary school, she was the LSA for a boy in his class, from nursery right up until he left. And then, when Matthew left primary school to go to the shiny brand new secondary school (because his was the first year it opened...!) Louise also left to take up the role of Student Manager (I think that was her title!) at his new school! So think - she's known my son only 3 years less than I have! LOL!! Louise is a very special lady and I'm probably more grateful to her that she realises.  I've asked, but apparently she isn't looking for a new role in a university somewhere... 

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