Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bunsen Burner / Science theme cake

Small world or what, eh? :D I had an enquiry for a cake - the customer had found my details on Google. She wanted a cake for her husband's 30th birthday... and as he is a science teacher, she wanted it themed to reflect that. So we discussed various options etc... then I had a thought... and asked her "Does your husband teach at 'X' school?" And she confirmed her does. HE'S MY SON'S BIOLOGY TEACHER!!! LOL! I do love a nice coincidence!! Big thumbs up to my son for keeping it secret - my boys are well trained and have previously kept cake secrets from friends and family, so no need to worry on that count! So happy birthdy 'Sir'. Edible bunsen burner, beaker, test tube and a couple of text books, with a periodic table-inspired inscription (and for those scientifically-inclined, yes, artistic licence was used for the J!)
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