Monday, April 27, 2015


I think this was officially my busiest week, ever!  Lots of late, late nights and early starts.  But I got there and each of my customers was thrilled with their cake.

The week started with an order for a cake - for my sister!  Her friend had an idea and asked if I could produce it in cake!  Everyone laughs when my sister gets a call, because of where she keeps her mobile phone - down her bra!!!  

I love my sister, but I have to say that she can only wish her boobies were still this pert!  ;o)

Next were two cakes for the same customer - her two daughters were having separate parties on the same day (her 8 year old at a soft play area and her 2 year old at home).

Both had cakes with their favourite characters.

And finally, like the customer above, this was for a customer who has had several cakes from me over the last few years or so...

The customer's wedding anniversary and her son's birthday are only a couple of days apart, so there is usually a double celebration.  The character cake was egg-free chocolate and the gold anniversary cake with red edible Cake Lace was egg-free vanilla.

And that was my week.  5 cakes, 7 tiers, 3 customers!
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