Friday, March 20, 2015

Wedding Cake 'Varun'

This 5 tier ivory wedding cake, delivered to a central London hotel, was ordered by the groom's mother for a celebration which was actually taking place a week after the wedding... she said they have a celebration to welcome the bride and her family into their family. I love the sound of that - what a lovely tradition! The edible Cake Lace was actually over-piped which really gave it even more dimension and the hand-made ivory roses were highlighted with gold leaves, as well as gold filler flowers on top.  Because of the size of this cake (which you don't get a sense of in the photograph) it had to be finally assembled at the venue, hence the photo isn't as good as pictures I usually take...  however, the snap of the top tier which was transported on my lap whilst my husband drove, shows the gorgeous ivory roses and gold filler flowers, together with more of the over-piped Cake Lace.
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