Monday, June 09, 2014

Wedding Cake 'Kathryn'

 What a difference a photo makes!!!!  The top photo was taken at home, against a black backdrop, in the same way I always take my photos.  However, the detail of the sparkle on the 2nd and 4th tiers just wasn't there at all.  I tried everything I could think of (albeit, my knowledge of photography is virtually non-existant!)  The middle photo is at the venue - it was actually rather dark in there and so I asked the manager if it was possible to turn on a light?  He switched on a spot light which highlighted the sparkle - just what I needed!  However, this photo isn't really in keeping with the others on my website.  And so, the final photo is the same shot, but with the background blacked out.  
Congratulations to Kathryn & Gavin!  I hope you had a wonderful wedding day and I wish you every happiness for the future.
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