Sunday, March 23, 2014

Going Back To My Roots....

When I first started seriously thinking about cakes, I thought I would do children's cake decorating parties.  However, I quickly discovered that I was getting more and more 'proper' cake orders and very few of the parties...  so I had a quick re-think and decided that, actually, cake making was the choice for me.

However, it was my niece's 8th birthday 2 weeks ago and she REALLY wanted a cake decorating party...  so out came the aprons, rolling pins and cutters and a cake decorating party she had!

The girls all had a wonderful time and if I'm honest, some of their creations FAR exceeded my expectations!  Perhaps I have some assistants-in-training for the future?

The Birthday Girl, Sarah

My other niece, Mia...  obviously taking quality control very seriously!

Millie confused icing sugar with face powder, I think!

This is how you do it.....

 Piping a buttercream swirl

 Pretty roses

Cute teddy

 Da girlz!

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