Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wedding Cake 'Anoushka'

Wedding Cake 'Anoushka'
The bride brought me a small sample of ribbon, to show me her colour scheme.  I must thank the from whom I received the most wonderful service.  Clara kindly sent me several samples so I could find the right colour match.  And this US single faced satin ribbon in azalea was just thing!!  I must also thank for sending me out the magenta petal dust so very quickly! 
 So, whether you call this colour azalea, magenta, fuschia or cerise, it's certainly striking!
I've actually made an almost identical cake to this in the past, but by having a much darker pink ribbon/roses, it gives it a completely different feel!  They're so different! (see )
4 tier wedding cake, blocked with hand-made sugar roses and piped detail.
Congratulations to Anoushka and Richard!
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