Sunday, January 03, 2016

Cake Catch-up!

Oh crikey!  I'm somewhat behind in uploading cake pics...  My bad!

Firstly, from the end of November is this football shirt cake, which Louise ordered for her dad's 65th birthday.  It was lovely to see Louise again - I last saw her when I made her giant fondant fancy wedding cake much earlier in the year.  I think this is the first time I've done a 'novelty' cake that isn't a sponge - this was a rich fruit cake.

The second week in December saw me make this cute Pokemon cake for Jaylen's 8th birthday.  The characters were all hand-made and edible, although Jaylen's mum told me that she doubted he'd want to eat them and will keep them, along with the Pokeball!

Then, we were onto Christmas!!!  I just LOVED making these cookies.  The snowflake and penguin designs were originally by SweetAmbs.  I love her site and her video tutorials are fantastic!

The snowflakes were gingerbread....

And these mini snowflakes had ribbon through them, so they could be hung on the Christmas tree.

I call these 'Penguins on Parade'...  they're a delicious spiced orange cookie.

And like the penguins, these gingerbread men were also wrapped up in scarves!

Finally,  spiced orange Christmas trees.  All the cookies were decorated with royal icing.

And a final group shot! ;o)

They were all the cookies, but my very last order of 2015 was a lovely cupcake selection.  I am particularly fond of the knitted texture of the jumpers and on the snowmen's hats!

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